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Product Description:

  • 3mL aspirating syringe: Provides an adequate sample volume for most ABG analyses.
  • 113 IU heparin lock: Pre-filled with heparin to prevent blood clotting within the syringe.
  • Luer slip connection: Compatible with standard blood gas analyzers and other accessories.
  • One-handed activation: Simplifies sample collection for healthcare providers.
  • Rear venting feature: Allows controlled release of air bubbles before sample aspiration.


  • Convenience: All-in-one design eliminates the need for separate syringes and heparinization.
  • Safety: Heparin lock minimizes clotting risk and potential complications.
  • Efficiency: One-handed activation enables faster sample collection and reduces procedure time.
  • Accuracy: Proper sample handling and controlled air removal contribute to accurate blood gas analysis