ConMed ABC Dissecting Electrode 20/CS


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The ConMed ABC Dissecting Electrode (20 / Case) allows surgeons to dissect using the improved accuracy of ABC technology. Choose between a contact or non-contact mode with this powerful electrosurgical handpiece.


ConMed ABC Dissecting Electrode Features

  • ABC Dissecting Electrodes attach to select ConMed ABC Handpieces, converting non-contact Argon Beam Coagulation modality to contact Argon Beam Dissecting Modality when desired.
  • Argon gas helps clear pooled blood and can reduce surgeon effort.
  • ABC technology allows for rapid superficial coagulation, reduced thermal penetration and decreased healing time potentially improving operating time and patient outcomes.


ConMed ABC Dissecting Electrode Configurations

Product Number Electrode Style
CNM-139330 Blade
CNM-139331 Blunt Needle

Additional information


CNM-139330: Blade, CNM-139331: Blunt Needle




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