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Product Description:

Set Components:

  • Wayne Pneumothorax Catheter: For accessing the pleural space and draining air/fluid.
  • Safe-T-J Fixed Core Wire Guide: Facilitates catheter placement.
  • One-part percutaneous entry needles: For initial access to the pleural space.
  • 14 Fr dilator: Expands the entry point for catheter insertion.
  • 8.5 Fr straightening dilator: Ensures proper catheter positioning.
  • #11 thumb scalpel: For skin incision.
  • Cook Chest Drain Valve: Controls and monitors drainage flow.
  • Needle holder cup: Stabilizes needles during insertion.
  • Vinyl connecting tube: Connects the catheter to the chest drain valve.
  • Additional components like trocars and obturators might be included.


  • Seldinger technique allows for minimally invasive placement.
  • Radiopaque catheter for visibility under fluoroscopy.
  • Multiple side ports for efficient drainage.
  • Safe-T-J wire guide enhances control and stability.
  • Sterile and individually packaged for each set.