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Product Description:

Set Components:

  • Rabinov Catheter: Available in various tip diameters (e.g., 0.012″, 0.016″, 0.032″) for navigating different sized salivary ducts. Features a flexible design for atraumatic insertion and smooth maneuvering within the ducts.
  • Syringe and Needle: Sterile syringe and needle for injecting contrast dye into the salivary ducts.
  • Tubing and Connectors: Connects the catheter to the syringe for contrast dye injection.
  • Procedure Drape and Other Disposable Items: May include sterile drapes, gloves, and gauze pads for maintaining a sterile environment during the procedure.


The COOK MEDICAL Rabinov Sialography Set G01345 provides a comprehensive and convenient solution for performing sialography procedures. Its components are specifically designed for safe and effective visualization of the salivary ducts, aiding in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning for various salivary gland disorders.