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Product Description:

  • Torcon NB Advantage design: Similar to the G06749 you previously mentioned, this design offers features like smooth glide, kink resistance, and atraumatic tip for improved maneuverability and patient comfort.
  • 5.0 Fr: Same French size as the G06749, indicating a diameter suitable for navigating specific vasculature.
  • 80 cm length: Slightly longer than the G06749, providing greater reach for accessing deeper vascular regions depending on the specific procedure.
  • 0.035 inch guidewire compatibility: Works with standard 0.035 inch guidewires commonly used in angiographic procedures.
  • HNBR5.0-35-80-P-NS-MIK configuration: This likely refers to the specific internal construction, tip shape, and performance characteristics, potentially differing from the G06749’s configuration.