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Product Description:

  • Function: Provides a safe and stable passage for guidewires and catheters during vascular interventions.
  • Size: 7 French (2.33 mm outer diameter) and 45 cm length.
  • Brite Tip: Radiopaque black tungsten-filled distal tip for enhanced visibility under fluoroscopy, aiding in accurate sheath placement.
  • Manicured tip and dilator design: Facilitates easier vessel entry, improves patient comfort, and potentially reduces groin complications.
  • Tapered transitions on sheath and dilator: Smoother insertion and minimizes vessel trauma.
  • Kink resistant cannula: Unique dual-layer construction provides flexibility and support for navigating tortuous vessels.
  • Silicone coated cannula and vessel dilator: Lubricious surface minimizes friction and thrombogenicity, promoting atraumatic insertion.
  • Patented SLIX valve: Six-cut spiral design for a hemostatic valve that allows free catheter movement without blood reflux or air aspiration.