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COVIDIEN Argyle Chronic Catheter 8815544002

Product Description:

  • Chronic: Intended for long-term use, typically lasting months or even years.
  • Double lumen: Features two separate channels (lumens) for independent administration of fluids, medications, or blood sampling.
  • 14 Gauge: The catheter diameter is 14 gauge, which is roughly 2.1mm. This size is suitable for most adult patients and offers a balance between flow rate and patient comfort.
  • Silicone material: Made from biocompatible silicone for long-term comfort and minimizing the risk of infection.
  • Radiopaque tip: The tip of the catheter is embedded with radiopaque markers for easy visualization under fluoroscopy during insertion and positioning.
  • Multiple configurations: Available with various cuff options (e.g., with or without), lengths, and tip designs to match individual patient needs and clinical settings.