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 • Wears for up to 14 days: Offers the longest wear time of any CGM sensor currently available.

 • No fingersticks for calibration: Calibrates automatically using a factory-set algorithm, eliminating the need for painful fingersticks.

 • Improved accuracy: Boasts enhanced sensor and algorithm accuracy compared to previous Dexcom models.

 • Enhanced alarms and alerts: Receive customizable notifications for high and low glucose levels, sensor status changes, and missed glucose readings.

 • Interchangeable with Dexcom G7 transmitter: Works seamlessly with compatible transmitters to display real-time glucose data on your smartphone or receiver.

 • Mobile app compatibility: View glucose readings, trends, and reports on your smartphone through the Dexcom G7 app.

 • Water-resistant: Shower and swim with the sensor on for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 3 feet.