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Product Description:

Key Features:

  •  Compact and Convenient: The reader’s small size makes it portable, while the USB cable and power adapter ensure convenient charging.
  •  Quick and Easy Setup: The kit includes a Quick Reference Card and a Quick Start Guide for a hassle-free and straightforward setup process.
  •  Comprehensive User Manual: Dive into the details with the included user manual, providing in-depth insights into the FreeStyle Libre 3 Reader’s functionalities.
  •  Interactive Tutorial: Learn how to maximize the capabilities of your reader with the interactive tutorial, ensuring you get the most out of your glucose monitoring experience.

FreeStyle Libre 3 Reader Kit Contains:

  • Reader
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter
  • Quick reference card
  • Sensors not included
  • Quick start guide
  • User manual
  • Interactive tutorial

Please note that the FreeStyle Libre 3 sensors, essential for continuous glucose monitoring, are not included in the kit. For accurate and real-time glucose tracking, pair the FreeStyle Libre 3 Reader with FreeStyle Libre 3 Sensors, available separately.

Experience the future of glucose monitoring with the FreeStyle Libre 3 Reader. Empower yourself with precise data and take control of your diabetes management journey.