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Product Description:


  • The exact components may vary slightly depending on the specific configuration, but typically include:
    • Hand drill with a variable adjustable chuck
    • Multiple drill bits with different sizes (e.g., 5/32″, 13/64″, 1/4″) and depth guards for precise cranial bone penetration
    • Twist-Lock Drill Guard™ for secure and accurate adjustment of drill depth
    • Scalpel or razor blade
    • Ventricular needle or catheter
    • Dura mater sutures
    • Sterile drapes and towels
    • Prep solutions like saline, betadine, and lidocaine
    • Additional instruments like forceps, blunt dissectors, and sponges


  • Conveniently pre-packaged with all necessary tools for a ventriculostomy procedure.
  • Disposable design minimizes the risk of infection and simplifies setup and cleanup.
  • Various drill bit sizes cater to different patient needs and skull thicknesses.
  • Twist-Lock Drill Guard™ ensures precise and secure cranial drilling depth.
  • Sterile components maintain a sterile surgical field.