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Product Description:


  • Remote monitoring: The mySentry transmits real-time glucose data and insulin pump status updates from a compatible CGM and pump to a bedside receiver unit. This allows caregivers (parents, guardians) to monitor a child’s blood sugar levels remotely while they sleep in a different room.
  • Alerts: The system can be programmed to generate audible alerts for high and low blood sugar levels, notifying caregivers of potential issues.
  • Improved safety and peace of mind: This remote monitoring can potentially prevent hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) episodes during the night and provide peace of mind for caregivers.


  • The mySentry was designed to work with specific models of insulin pumps and CGMs from Medtronic (refer to product information for specific compatible devices).

Reasons for discontinuation:

While the mySentry offered remote monitoring capabilities, advancements in CGM technology and the development of smartphone apps for data display and alerts might have made the product less commercially viable.