The Breather™ B-BLUE Respiratory Exerciser Adult EACH


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  • 1.7 in x 1.8 in 1.6 oz
  • The 1st in the world medical device that strengthens BOTH Inhale & Exhale muscles. The Breather® provides resistance training for respiratory muscles. Drug-free, recommended by doctors and therapists worldwide and the industry’s leading customer service staffed by a clinical team.
  • Most Ergonomically designed device on the market Large numbered, easy-to-turn dials
  • Two mouthpiece options to improve lip seal for those with weak mouth grip. Newly redesigned RMT Coaching App, with multiple training plans to help reach optimal performance On-demand, cutting-edge research from clinicians, doctors, and scientists, providing training with easy-to-follow video demonstrations
  • Maintain your energy levels and cardiac health by getting more oxygen to your vital organs and brain ​Participate in family activities longer without getting breathless and falling behind Support cardiopulmonary health without medications
  • Eliminate shallow breathing to reduce stress & anxiety ​Reduce high blood pressure and increase blood flow to your limbs by taking deeper breaths
  • Practice deep breathing to keep cortisol levels under control and avoid rapid weight gain, mood swings & increased respiratory rate Ease symptoms of your chronic illness and speed up recovery, so you can go back to enjoying life.



The Breather


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