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With the rising levels of air pollution especially in the major cities, the pollutants and contaminants have also evolved. The presence of both primary as well as secondary air pollutants in massive concentrations is directly impacting human health prominently giving rise to respiratory disorders. Nowadays, it has become common for a lot of people to suffer from breathing obstruction especially while asleep. Although there is a need to control and minimize these air pollutants, it has also become necessary to manage the conditions such as sleep apnea i.e. a condition associated with frequent stoppage and restarting of breathing while a person is asleep. In such patients, CPAP machines have proven helpful. Let us learn what is a CPAP machine and how it works.

A patient struggling with sleep issues due to apnea
A patient struggling with sleep issues due to apnea

Statistics Regarding Sleep Apnea in the US

According to the statistics given by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, nearly 26% of the adult population in the United States suffer from some degree of sleep apnea. To simplify the facts, it can be said that every 1 in 15 Americans are affected by sleep apnea. The prevalence of the condition among people aged between 30 to 70 years is high.

What is a CPAP Machine?

A continuous positive airway pressure machine, abbreviated as a CPAP machine, is a device that is used for the treatment of sleep apnea. The efficacy of the device can be estimated by its significant improvement of sleep quality which has also been linked to better health as well as lessened risk of diseases such as stroke or cardiac arrest, etc.

How does a CPAP Machine work?

A CPAP machine works by keeping the patient’s airway passage open throughout their sleeping period. This is done by putting a mask on the patient’s mouth and nose which is attached with a tubing. A strap attached to the mask keeps it affixed in its position.

As soon as the machine is switched on, it starts collecting air from the environment followed by its filtration and pressurization. Furthermore, this pressurized air is delivered in the necessary quantities to the patient. This continuous flow of air keeps the patient stable by restricting the shifting of the tongue, uvula, and soft palate while asleep. 

Who Needs a CPAP Machine?

Usually, a CPAP machine is to be used by people who suffer from the following conditions:

   ● Obstructive sleep apnea

   ● Central sleep apnea

If one has an apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) greater than 15, the person is considered eligible to use a CPAP machine. However, anyone with the following symptoms can use a CPAP machine as the presence of these indicate apnea:

   ● Loud snoring

   ● Frequent awakening during the night usually due to a dry mouth

   ● Waking up gasping for air

   ● Headaches especially in the morning

   ● Hypersomnia i.e. excessive sleepiness during the day 

   ● Complete hindrance of breathing process during sleep

Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) associated with sleep apnea
Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) associated with sleep apnea

Advantages of a CPAP Machine

A CPAP device provides the following advantages:

   ● A CPAP machine helps in the improvement of sleep quality.

   ● An enhancement in overall sleep duration has also been reported with the use of a CPAP machine.

   ● By improving nighttime sleep, a CPAP facilitates the reduction in drowsiness and sleepiness during daytime thus resulting in improved alertness, increased focus, and better mood.

   ● The use of CPAP machines has also been associated with the management of blood sugar levels in diabetics.

CPAP Machine Brands and Specifications

Multiple medical companies manufacture and market CPAP machines and related accessories. Although all of these products are of good quality and work efficiently, the difference comes from their size, portability, weight, and other characteristic features. Here are some of the best CPAP devices as well as related accessories available in the US market:

   ● AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP Machine

AirMini AutoSet travel CPAP machine by ResMed is a product that enjoys being the sole CPAP device which is the smallest in size but provides full efficiency. The product is ultra-portable and has a weight of only 10.6 ounces. Moreover, the AirMini CPAP machine does not cause noise while in use. The algorithm associated with the device can detect the alterations in the patient’s breathing level and air pressure thus auto-adjusting accordingly.

   ● ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet

ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet machine has been designed to work effectively in patients with sleep apnea. The device comes with an easy-to-use online support program as well as a mobile app that teaches the users the proper method of using the ResMed AirSense machine. Being lightweight, the device can be carried with ease.

   ● Roscoe Medical Full Face CPAP Mask

Roscoe Medical full-face CPAP mask is a lightweight device that is made up of clear silicone. The frame of the product is flexible and the rotational elbow can swivel at 360 degrees around the point of attachment. The length of the tubing is 22 mm which is long enough not to hinder movement while sleeping. Black headgear attached to the mask not only helps in fixing the device properly but also maximizes movement due to the Velcro fasteners. Construction material is latex-free and easy to clean as well as maintain.

A patient on respiratory assistance while sleeping
A patient on respiratory assistance while sleeping

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Sleep apnea is characterized by constant disturbance of the breathing process while sleeping. Such patients frequently experience respiratory obstruction which significantly reduces their sleep quality. A CPAP machine helps in this condition by providing pressurized air to the lungs.

High efficacy, as well as the portability of the device, are features that have given it prominence over other breathing-assisting devices. Purchasing medical devices from reliable vendors like Health Supply 770 ensures the provision of quality products along with satisfactory services.

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