What is the Yankauer Tube used for?

Medical science has always used several procedures and pieces of equipment for the treatment of diseases. The success of medical treatment is not only depends on the experience of the doctor or surgeon but also on the medical equipment that is used to treat the patients. Several pieces of equipment have been used since the beginning during surgeries and other treatments. As time passed, this equipment changed its shape and appearance and became more advanced. The purpose of using this equipment is to make surgeries and other treatments more efficient and successful and also to assist the surgeons and medical staff. Today we are going to discuss an important piece of medical equipment known as the Yankauer tube that has become one of the most commonly used suction tubes during surgeries.

The Yankauer suction tube

The Yankauer suction tube

What is the procedure of suction?

Suction refers to the procedure in which any secretion (blood, saliva. Or, vomit) is removed from a person’s airways to help him breathe.

In surgery, suction is the term used to describe the procedure of cleaning or removing blood from the surgical site which helps the surgeons to have a clear view of the surgical site.

This procedure is also used in the case of intracranial hemorrhage to clean the blood that has built up within the skull. The equipment which helps to clean out these secretions from a person’s airway or surgical site is known as a suction tube.

What are suction tubes used for?

A suction tube is a medical equipment that helps to clean excess secretions such as unwanted blood, irrigation fluid, or any other fluids from a person’s airway or surgical site. These come in a wide range of varieties and assist surgeons in the treatment of patients. A specific type of suction tube that was developed in 1907 and has become the most commonly used suction tube is known as the Yankauer suction tube.

What is a Yankauer suction tube used for?

The Yankauer suction tube

The Yankauer suction tube

The Yankauer suction tube was developed by an American doctor Sidney Yankauer in 1907. During surgical procedures, a major problem that surgeons and other medical staff face is clogging from excessive fluid or blood. This excessive blood or other secretions make it difficult for the surgeons to view and operate on the surgical site.

Therefore, Yankauer tubes help to clean the surgical area from these excessive secretions and consequently aid surgeons in better treatment of the patients. These tubes are used during oral procedures, neurosurgical procedures, and, intra-abdominal sites.

There are many other suction tubes available and the choice of the right suction tube depends on the nature and requirement of the surgery being done. Yankauer suction tubes are the most commonly used suction devices for the mouth and throat.

These also help to clean intra-abdominal surgical sites and surface wounds. These are helpful to suction oropharyngeal secretions to prevent the patient from facing aspiration problems. There are several variations of Yankauer suction tubes which are as follows.

Yankauer suction tube replacement tip only

The Yankauer suction tube replacement tip helps to suction the secretions from the mouth cavity and makes the procedure smooth running. These are also helpful for intra-abdominal and surface suction. The suction tip is removable and another tip can be attached to the handle as per needs.

The bulbous head helps to make suctioning more effective and also prevents damage to the surrounding structures. These suction tubes are made using medical-grade German stainless steel which helps to increase their life span and durability. These tubes are also lightweight and require low maintenance.

Yankauer suction tube 20 Fr Standard size

The Yankauer suction tubes

The Yankauer suction tubes

These suction tubes are standard-size suction tubes that are helpful to suction the secretions and blood from the surgical sites. These are helpful for mouth procedures, throat procedures, surface suction, and, intra-abdominal suction. The Yankauer suction tube with a 20 Fr. Size is useful to clear the airway during oral procedures.

This suction tube has a tip and a large opening which is surrounded by a bulbous head. The atraumatic structure of the suction tube helps to prevent damage to the corresponding areas. Thy also help to clear the operative site and are highly durable. They are decontaminated using steam sterilization.

Yankauer suction tube 18 Fr. Child size

These suction tubes are especially for children to suction oropharyngeal and intra-abdominal secretions and are the best choice for surface suction.

Yankauer suction tube with swivel cut-off valve

This suction tube has a swivel cut-off valve that helps surgeons to control the air in the suction tube with the help of adjusting the valve. This helps maintain enough suction pressure. It is helpful for oral and intra-abdominal suction and helps to clean debris, blood, and, fluids.

How a Yankauer suction tube is used?

To use a Yankauer suction tube, an operator is used to attach a Yankauer suction tip to the coupling end of the medial tube. The tube helps to remove the occluding material by forcing it out of the tip. After the removal of the material, negative pressure is applied from the suction source, and the suction of the incision site returns to normal.


Yankauer tubes are medical suction tubes that help clean excessive secretions from surgical sites. These tubes not only help to clean the surgical site from unwanted blood or other secretions but are also helpful in effective surgical treatment as these help the surgeons to have a clear view of the surgical site and prevent clogging from blood and other secretions.

Different types of suction tubes are used for several surgeries. The Yankauer suction tubes are the most commonly used suction devices in the world and are used worldwide.

Due to the ease and benefits a Yankauer suction tube provides, this suction tube has become an essential piece of equipment during surgeries.

These tubes are used during different surgeries and help make the treatment more effective for the patient and easier for the surgeons by cleaning out any obstruction from the surgical site.

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