What are the types of the suction tube?

Medical surgeries and procedures are complex procedures that involve great attention to detail and several medical equipments. The knowledge and experience of the surgeons and medical experts play an important role in the success of the treatment but some medical devices are required in these medical procedures. This medical instrument help to perform these medical procedures with ease. These medical instruments and equipment can range from heavy machines to small tubes. Such a piece of equipment that is used in the treatment is called a suction tube. Today in this article we are going to discuss what is a suction tube and what are its types. So let’s start with defining a suction tube.

What is suction?

Suction is the process of removing any secretion (blood, saliva, or, vomit) from a person’s airway to help him or them breathe. In surgery, suction refers to cleaning or removing blood from the area which is being operated upon to enhance the visibility of the surgeons.

This can help the surgeons to have a clear view of the surgical site and work more effectively. Suction is also used in cases of intracranial hemorrhage to clean the blood that has built up within the skull. Suction devices can either be mechanical or electrically operated. Suction tubes and these suction devices help to clean the unwanted fluids from surgical sites or the airway.

What is a suction tube?

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Suction tubes

A suction tube is a medical tube that is used to clear away any unwanted fluid (unwanted blood, irrigation fluid, or any other fluids) from the body. Many types of suction tubes are used to clear secretions from surgical sites and other body parts. A suction tube can also be used to clear secretions from the ears, nose, or throat. These are amazing medical devices that help clean away all unwanted secretions.

What are the different types of suction tubes?

The suction tubes are available in a wide variety and can be used for several purposes. Some of the common types of the suction tube are as follows.

  • Surgical suction tubes

Surgical suction tubes are medical tubes that are used to vacuum unwanted and excessive liquid from the surgical site during neurosurgical procedures. The surgical suction tubes are considered ideal to clear the surgical site of excessive blood or fluids during surgeries.

In critical surgeries, these suction tubes play a significant role. Surgical suction tubes consist of a suction mechanism and a tube that is used to collect the fluid. These surgical suction tubes are lightweight and rust-proof. The tubes can be reused after properly sterilizing these. Some of the surgical tubes are described below.

  • Adson suction tube

Adson suction tube is used to clear away debris, residual particles, blood, and, other fluids from the operating site. These suction tubes are used by ENT, general, and neurosurgeons. These suction tubes provide an enhanced view of the surgical field by clearing away blood or other fluids. These are made of stainless steel and can be reused after sterilizing.

  • Andrews Pynchon suction tube

Andrews Pynchon suction tube has a slightly curved suction tube with a tapered handle. The handle helps in the firm gripping of the tube. This suction tube can either be removable or non-removable.

Due to its curved design, it is ideal to remove blood or other fluids from those surgical sites that are difficult to clear away and challenging for surgeons. These suction tubes are used for detailed suction.

  • Baron suction tubes

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Baron suction tubes

Baron suction tubes are specialized ENT medical equipment that is used for suctioning in hard-to-reach and narrow places for instance the ear canal or nasal passages. Baron suction tubes are extremely helpful in removing debris, fluid, and other foreign objects from the ear canal and nasal passages. It has an angled design that helps to have a clear view. The suction is controlled by covering a small hole on the thumb plate which is located above the handle.

  • Ferguson-Frazier Suction Tubes

Ferguson-Frazier Suction Tubes are used to clear away debris or fluid from confined and narrow surgical places. These are angles and are helpful in removing unwanted fluids or debris from the surgical sites. These suction tubes are made of stainless steel and can be reused after sterilizing. These suction tubes are often used for nasal procedures. These are also used in cases where blood might obscure the surgical field. It is used for micro-detail suction.

  • Poole suction tube

The poole suction tube was developed by Eugene Poole. Poole suction tube is used to clean pooled fluid, debris, or blood in cesarean sections or deep abdominal surgeries. This suction tube helps to clean a large number of fluids and blood from the surgical site. Poole suction tubes can be used in several surgeries.

  • Yankauer suction tube

It is an oral suctioning tool that allows effective suction without damaging the surrounding tissues. The Yankauer suction tube was developed by American otolaryngologist Sidney Yankauer and is the most commonly used suction instrument in the world. This suction tube can also be used to clear operative sites during surgical procedures.

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Yankauer suction tube


Suction tubes are specialized medical tubes that are used to clean secretions or unwanted fluids such as blood, saliva, or vomit. These suction tubes are available in a wide variety and can be used according to the requirement of the patient.

Suction tubes play an important role in surgeries where these tubes help to clean the surgical site of unwanted blood or fluids and enhance the view of the surgical site for the surgeons. In this way, suction tubes are extremely important medical equipment in surgeries and play an important role in the effective treatment of patients. These suction tubes are used in different surgeries and medical procedures and are helpful in the treatment of many medical conditions. Due to their benefits and ease of use, suction tubes have become an important part of medical treatment. Thus the use of these suction tubes is highly significant in numerous medical procedures and surgeries.

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