How to Choose the Right BD Extension Set: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals

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In hospitalized patients, difficulty is usually observed in terms of delivering medications as most of the subjects are either unconscious or cannot take oral formulations. Pediatrics as well as geriatric patients are more prone to such problems. As a solution, drugs are administered via intravenous route which is most convenient in these cases. For this purpose, an IV aid is connected to the patient serving as a pathway for drug delivery. But what if a healthcare provider has to inject multiple solutions at a time? Considering the patient’s convenience, a BD extension set is employed which eliminates the need for multiple skin punctures.

In this article, let us understand the importance of a BD extension set along with the basic guide for healthcare professionals.

Intravenous administration of drug or nutritional substances
Intravenous administration of drug or nutritional substances

Components of a BD Extension Set

Their basic structure includes two needle-free connectors, a clear housing, two slide clamps, a male luer lock, and longer tubing.

Longer tubing of the BD extension set increases the distance between the patient and the fluid being administered while the clear housing of the connector enables the complete visualization of the active fluid pathway.

Being free from the carcinogenic material di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate, commonly known as DEHP, BD extension sets are safe to use.

These sets are usually made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Moreover, their sterility ensures the minimization of infection risk.

The Importance of Extension Sets in Medical Procedures

BD extension sets are used in hospitals extensively to increase patient comfort. These sets also decrease the need for additional needlesticks as well and the chances of acquiring a needlestick injury are also diminished.

An Overview of BD Extension Sets

BD extension sets come in several types which differ in their structure and functionality. Some of the commonly used types of BD extension sets include the following:

· BD IV Extension Set Needle-Free Port Standard Bore with Filter Sterile 100/CS

This BD 10807853 extension set is a sterile medical device that usually has an 18-inch long tubing. However, this set is also available in tube lengths between 1 to 24 inches.

Bore size is standard and the instrument comes with a sterile filter. It has a single injection port which is needle-free.

The device also has a 6 ml priming volume. Moreover, there is a male rotating luer lock connector attached to the system.

· BD IV Extension Sets

BD IV extension sets offer clear visualization of active fluid pathways along with a solid sealed surface which assists in the prevention of contamination. Due to the anti-reflux action of BD IV extension sets, catheter occlusion is significantly reduced.

· BD Specialty IV Extension Sets

These sets provide ease while setting up and usage. These sets allow the transfer of sterile products with low-pressure power injectors.

· BD Minibore Extension Sets

BD minibore extension sets are equipped with pressure-rated minibore and purple striped bifuse. Along with 2 removable clamps and needle-free connectors, the instrument also has a spin male luer lock.

Drug being administered to a patient via intravenous route
Drug being administered to a patient via intravenous route

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Material and Safety Standards

Employment of PVC-based medical supplies in healthcare setups does make the job easy as most of these products are disposable. If not, their sterilization is also a possibility. Medical-grade PVC is also affordable thus the overall cost of medical supplies becomes minimal. Owing to its biocompatibility, water, and chemical resistance, PVC is considered safe to be used in patients.

Administration of medications via IV route
Administration of medications via IV route

Maintenance and Sterilization

Usually, BD extension sets are only for single use. However, some brands offer products that can be put to use more than once. As a maintenance measure, these reusable components of the extension set, like other medical supplies, need to be cleaned and made free from bacteria and viruses.

Therefore, to sterilize BD extension sets, the basic method used for the sterilization of PVC products is used. Among these methods, the employment of steam, radiation, or ethylene oxide delivers promising results. Chemical disinfection can also be done to make BD sets microbe-free. In addition, autoclaving is also helpful in reducing the bioburden associated with BD extension sets.

How to Choose the Right BD Extension Set for Our Facility

Owing to the multiplicity of their types, it becomes important to choose the right extension set for the right job. It is up to the physician to select the instrument after comparing the available options based on their features.


BD extension sets are used in healthcare setups with the aim of minimizing the need for additional needlesticks. These instruments are free from any cancer-causing chemical so their safety is ensured.

Despite being single-use items, some components of BD extension sets can be reused after thorough sterilization. The right extension set is to be chosen based on the job intended to be taken from it.

Due to the frequency of its usage, BD extension sets should be purchased in bulk by healthcare facilities. Reliable vendors like Health Supply 770 ensure that the product one receives is up to the mark.

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