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5L ULV Blue Fogger

Product Description:

  •  [Nozzle Design]: Three-hole design, larger spray range. The product is uniformly atomized and has no water droplets. The water in the water tank can be drained into the droplets, and the residual liquid is zero
  •  [Adjustment function]: The flow is adjustable. The fixed valve can be adjusted up and down by 60º, which is easy to use. The sturdy structure and comfortable grip make it a goalkeeper. The pump handle is ergonomic and easy to operate.
  •  [Easy Operation]: Just loosen the lid, add solution as needed, tighten the lid of the water tank, and then turn on the switch to start. Note: The cap needs to be tightened, otherwise the solution will leak.
  •  [Large Capacity]: The spray bottle is sturdy and durable. It can hold 5L of water, thus reducing the need for regular supplemental water. High efficiency, energy saving, flexible spraying direction.
  •  [Perfect Indoor-Outdoor ULV Sprayer] – This is the ideal nebulizer for your ULV spraying needs. Perfect for sterilization in hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and family fumigation; disinfection of hospitals, schools, theaters, cars, trains and other public places.