BD 305224 – Cornwall Syringe 10cc 10/CS


BD 305224 – Cornwall Syringe 10cc 10/CS

BD Cornwall Disposable Syringe System

305224 – 10 mL BD Cornwall Disposable Syringe Filling System with Tubing set

Comfortable, Convenient Fluid Dispensing

The BD Cornwall Disposable Syringe System offers a user-friendly design for fluid transfer – without the capital investment required for filling pumps. Optional syringe-filling connectors allow fluid transfer to a wide variety of reservoirs, including vials, syringes and oral medication containers.

Key Product Features

CE Mark Product is CE-marked
Parenteral Parenteral product
Pyrogen Free Product is pyrogen free
Syringe Tip Orientation Concentric
Syringe Tip Type BD Luer-Lok
Syringe Scale 0.2 mL graduations
Sterile Sterilized product
Volumetric Accuracy +/- 5% *for 1ml or smaller,accuracy below 0.2ml is+/- 0.07ml
Sterilization Method EO
BPA Free Not made with BPA
DEHP Free Not made with DEHP
Latex Statement Not made with natural rubber latex
Disposable Disposable product
Single Use Product is for single use only

Product Packaging Information

Packaging Level Each Case
Quantity 1 10
Length 264.0 mm
Width 172.0 mm
Height 248.0 mm
Weight 104.0 g 1.04 kg