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Product Description:

  • Center Bend configuration: This specific model (M00534560) features a bend in the center, making it suitable for navigating bends and turns in the bile duct anatomy.
  • 7 French diameter: This size is suitable for wider bile ducts.
  • 5 cm length: This length is appropriate for shorter blockages or strictures.
  • Plastic material: Made of biocompatible plastic for optimal flexibility and ease of placement.
  • Preloaded delivery system: Available in preloaded delivery systems for convenient and efficient catheterization.


  • Minimally invasive: Avoids the need for open surgery for bile duct procedures.
  • Effective drainage: Keeps bile ducts open and promotes efficient bile flow, alleviating symptoms like jaundice and pain.
  • Center bend design: Provides better conformity to anatomical bends, improving stent placement and performance.
  • Preloaded delivery system: Simplifies the insertion procedure and reduces manipulation time.