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Product Description:

  • Complex Helical design: Features a tightly coiled, three-dimensional structure with multiple loops, providing high radial force and dense packing for effective vessel occlusion.
  • 18 gauge (0.035 inch) wire diameter: Suitable for accessing various medium-sized blood vessels.
  • 8mm maximum diameter and 50mm length: Offers a balance between maneuverability and embolic capacity for a range of vessel sizes.
  • Platinum construction: Provides radiopacity for clear visualization under fluoroscopy (X-ray imaging) during the procedure and biocompatibility for safe implantation within the body.
  • Fibered design: Includes dense polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers within the coil to promote rapid and complete occlusion by trapping blood cells.


The BOSTON SCIENTIFIC Complex Helical-18 M0013120550 is a versatile and reliable embolization coil for various clinical applications. Its complex design, suitable size, and fibered construction contribute to effective vessel occlusion and successful procedural outcomes.