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Product Description:

Kit Components:

  • The kit typically includes:
    • Power Pulse Delivery Catheter: Designed to deliver the pulsatile saline solution to the clot site.
    • Power Pulse Delivery Tubing: Connects the catheter to the AngioJet console.
    • Foot Pedal: Allows the operator to control the Power Pulse activation.
    • Sterile Drapes and Accessories: Maintain sterility during the procedure.

      Power Pulse Technology:

      • The key feature of this kit is the Power Pulse technology, which delivers controlled and targeted bursts of saline solution through the catheter tip.
      • These pulses create a high-pressure jet stream that effectively fragments and dislodges large clots, facilitating their removal through the catheter.

Benefits of Power Pulse:

  • Compared to standard AngioJet aspiration alone, Power Pulse offers:
    • Improved clot fragmentation and removal efficiency, especially for large and complex thrombi.
    • Reduced procedural time and potential for complications.


The Boston Scientific AngioJet Ultra Power Pulse Kit is a valuable tool for interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons seeking to optimize clot removal in various vascular procedures.