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Product Description:

Kit Components:

  • Glucocard Expression Blood Glucose Meter: This meter allows you to test your blood sugar level from a small fingertip blood sample.
  • Test strips: A specific number of test strips might be included in the kit (quantity depends on the specific package). These disposable strips are used to collect and analyze the blood sample.
  • Lancing device: This device helps you obtain a blood sample by pricking your fingertip.
  • Lancets: Small sterile needles used with the lancing device for finger pricking (number of lancets may vary depending on the kit).
  • Carrying case: A convenient case to store the meter and testing supplies.
  • Additional items: Some kits might include extras like batteries, logbook for recording blood sugar readings, or control solution for meter calibration (check specific kit contents).

Features of the Glucocard Expression Meter:

  • Audio-enabled: The meter provides voice guidance through every step of the testing process, from setup to results, making it ideal for blind or visually impaired users.
  • Auto-coding technology: Eliminates the need to manually enter a code for each test strip, simplifying testing.
  • Large display and buttons: Easy to locate and use, even for those with limited dexterity.
  • Small blood sample size: Requires a minimal amount of blood (volume specification might not be available), potentially reducing finger prick discomfort.
  • Fast results: Provides blood sugar readings in 6 seconds.
  • Memory function: Stores readings from up to 300 tests, allowing you to track your blood sugar levels over time.
  • Multiple averaging options: Calculates your average blood sugar levels for various time periods (e.g., 7, 14, 30 days) to provide insights into your blood sugar control.
  • Optional features: Some models might offer alternate site testing (testing from other body sites besides fingertips).

Benefits of using the Glucocard Expression Blood Glucose Meter Kit:

  • Blood Sugar Monitoring: This kit provides everything you need to conveniently monitor your blood sugar levels at home.
  • Ease of Use: The audio guidance, large display and buttons, and auto-coding features make testing easier for users with vision or dexterity limitations.
  • Fast and Convenient: Get quick results in just 6 seconds.
  • Data Tracking and Insights: The memory function and averaging options allow you to track blood sugar trends and identify areas for improvement in your diabetes management plan.