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Product Description:


  • Guardian Sensor 3: A small, sterile sensor is inserted under your skin (usually on your abdomen or arm) to measure your interstitial glucose levels (fluid between cells) every 5 minutes.
  • Guardian Link 3 transmitter: This thin, flat device attaches to the sensor and transmits the glucose data from the sensor to a compatible receiver device wirelessly.

How it works:

  • The sensor continuously measures your interstitial glucose levels.
  • The transmitter sends the glucose data to a compatible receiver device, such as a smartwatch or smartphone app, displaying your glucose levels in real-time.
  • The MiniMed 770G pump can receive the data from the transmitter and can automate insulin delivery based on your glucose levels and pre-programmed settings (consult your healthcare professional for details on pump automation features).

Benefits of using the Guardian Sensor 3 for the 770G system:

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Provides 24/7 monitoring of your glucose levels, offering a more comprehensive picture of your glucose trends compared to finger pricks.
  • Improved Glucose Management: Real-time glucose data can help you and your healthcare professional make informed decisions about insulin dosage adjustments, diet, and exercise for better diabetes management.
  • Potential for Automated Insulin Delivery: The 770G pump can use sensor data to automate insulin delivery, potentially reducing the need for manual adjustments and improving glycemic control (consult your doctor about pump settings).
  • Alerts: The system can generate alerts for high and low glucose levels, allowing you to take action to prevent potential complications.