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Product Description:

  • Type: This particular model (4010-04-09-T3) is an open coil marker designed for Hologic Eviva® and Brevera® biopsy systems. The open coil shape helps improve visibility in ultrasound imaging compared to other marker shapes like barrels or butterflies.

  • Material: It’s composed of two main parts:

    • Marker: Made of titanium (nickel-free) and stainless steel, providing stability and long-term visibility.
    • Carrier/Marker Plug: Made of a special hydrogel, which:
      • Hydrates for enhanced ultrasound visibility for up to 12 months, even after neoadjuvant chemotherapy.
      • Is easily visible under MRI during a T2 sequence.
  • Compatibility: As mentioned earlier, this marker is compatible with Hologic Eviva® and Brevera® biopsy systems. It can be used with different needle gauges (9G, 12G) and deployment methods (introducer sheath, detached needle back of probe, detached needle introducer sheath).