Medgyn 010551 LED-100 Examination Lamp


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Medgyn 010551 LED-100 Examination Lamp


MedGyn LED-100 Examination Lamp is used to assist in performing clinical and gynecological exams. The Lamp has a flexible, chrome-plated, top base with four casters for excellent maneuverability and stability. The LED-100 provides three times better light output than standard lamps with exceptional longevity and brightness.


  • Highly flexible LED light is easy to maneuver
  • True tissue color rendention and pinpoint accuracy
  • Power dual voltage 110V or 240V, 60/50H2
  • Illuminance of 20,000 lux (Distance of 50 cm)
  • Minimum expected life of LED is 35,000 hours
  • Net weight: 5 kg (10.2 lb)
  • Variable height of 110cm and 150 cm ( 95.5lb x 130lb)
  • Electrical Standards: NBR-IEC 60.601-1 and NBR-IEC 60.601-1-2




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