The Ultimate Guide to Medical Boots: Types, Uses, and Care

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Mild to moderate physical injuries, although can affect every one of us, are most likely to occur in those who have high physical activity levels. Athletes, students, children, as well as those who perform strenuous tasks as part of their jobs often complain of pain in their legs, feet, and lower extremities. Usually, these issues can be easily resolved by taking a rest or a warm bath. However, in some cases, a person may feel that their pain and discomfort is not going away which can be an indication of the presence of a deeper injury. Foot and ankle injuries such as sprain, strain, fracture, muscle tear, as well as tendon and ligament rupture are among the frequent occurrences. Special kinds of medical supplies such as medical boots are required to manage these mobility-related issues. Let us take a look at what kind of medical boots can be used by patients who need support in the foot area.

First aid is given to a patient at home
First aid is given to a patient at home

Statistics Regarding Foot Injuries in the US

Foot and ankle injuries are one of the common types of issues reported by the patients. In the US alone, almost 25,000 people are affected with minor foot disorders such as sprains on a daily basis. Moreover, as enlisted by the National Institute of Health, around 2 million individuals have injuries serious enough to visit a medical facility for emergency care. This number is huge enough to require special medical interventions that involve complete restriction of movement to shorten the recovery period. For this purpose, medical boots can be employed.  

What are Medical Boots?

Medical boots are specially designed to restrict movement in the foot and ankle region along with the lower leg with the aim of minimizing further damage and speeding up the healing process. These boots are specifically designed to fulfill the different needs of patients with varying injuries.

Medicated spray being applied on a patient’s ankle as first aid therapy
Medicated spray being applied on a patient’s ankle as first aid therapy

Advantages of Medical Boots

The use of medical boots provides the following advantages:

  ● Once an injury occurs, there is a need to immobilize the affected foot to prevent further damage to the skeletal muscles, nerves, and soft tissue. In this regard, medical boots come in handy.

  ● By keeping the injured foot stabilized with the help of medical boots, pain can also be alleviated.

  ● The employment of medical boots for immobilizing the injured or post-operative foot has been reported to cause little to no skin irritation as well as other complications. In comparison, when casts were applied to the injuries instead of boots, the patients felt uncomfortable and the likelihood of skin complications also increased. 

Types of Medical Boots

Medical boots are being designed and manufactured by many companies that keep in mind the patient’s comfort as well as the requirements enlisted by the physician. Depending upon their purpose of use, the medical boots can be of the following types:

   ● United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Boots

United ortho fracture boots have a short air design which is specifically useful for ankle sprains. Different size ranges are available and the product only weighs 2 pounds which renders it lightweight and comfortable to walk into.

United ortho boots also have a shock-absorbing insole which promotes natural walking. The construction material is plastic affixed with steel to reinforce the structure.

Overall, the product is durable and long-lasting. Apart from sprains, United ortho boots are also beneficial for foot and ankle fractures, soft tissue injuries, and lower leg issues. Moreover, the product is useful for post-operative therapy.

   ● Aircast AirSelect Walker Brace/Boots

Aircast AirSelect walker braces or walking boots have high durability. The product has shock-absorbing technology along with a semi-rigid shell to facilitate the limbs by providing support. Being lightweight, these boots are easy to lift while walking and encourage natural gait.

In patients with edema, Aircast boots have been shown to provide 3 times faster healing as they cause a significant reduction in edematous condition. Moreover, the design has an open frame for ventilation and is skid-resistant. In a nutshell, the Aircast AirSelect walker braces or boots are here to stay in the US market. 

  ● PowerStep Low Walker Foot and Ankle Support

PowerStep low walker foot and ankle boots are 12” tall in height to provide full coverage to the foot as well as to the lower leg. Particularly designed for the management of post-operative pain as well as severe injuries, the product has a rocker bottom sole which allows smooth ambulation with minimum pain.

Moreover, the product also is highly suited for toe fractures and soft tissue injuries. All the straps are adjustable which lets the users adjust the size according to their personal needs to achieve a secure fit.

It is also a good feature as some patients might experience swelling due to tighter boots. Above all, the PowerStep low walker foot and ankle support is one of the finest products for foot and ankle support.

Foot covered in a bandage to recover a foot injury
Foot covered in a bandage to recover a foot injury

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Foot and ankle injuries account for a large number of hospital visits over the year. When it comes to treatment, the primary concern of the healthcare provider is to restrict the movement of the injured area to lessen the chances of any further damage.

For this purpose, different kinds of medical boots are employed which come in varying designs. These products are helpful for patients with sprains, strains, and fractures, as well as for post-operative use.

Purchasing medical devices from reliable vendors like Health Supply 770 not only ensures the provision of quality products but also lets the buyers experience satisfactory services.

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