Achieving Better Diabetes Control with Contour Next Test Strips

Contour Next test strips

According to the American Diabetic Association (ADA), there are approximately 38.4 million people in the United States who are presently suffering from diabetes. This narrows down to 11.6% of the total US population. Despite this number which seems alarming, proper management and care can facilitate the diabetics to live a normal and healthy life. For this purpose, physicians recommend a frequent measurement of blood glucose concentration which might be challenging for some to do. Moreover, some of the glucometers as well as the glucose testing strips might not be accurate. However, the Contour Next Blood Glucose Test Strips might serve as a solution to this problem. These innovative testing strips are considered one of the most accurate glucose strips in the US market. Let us understand how these strips work along with their characteristic features which make them the patient’s first choice.  

A Contour Next test strip being used with a glucometer
A Contour Next test strip being used with a glucometer

Contour Next Test Strips: Characteristics Features and Advantages

The Contour Next test strips are a product of Ascensia Diabetic Care by PHC. In terms of their characteristics and the advantages they provide, these testing strips are top-notch in performance. The notable characteristic features of the Contour Next test strips have been summarized as follows:

  ● Accuracy

Contour Next test strips are highly accurate in their measurement of blood glucose levels. These are compatible with the ISO 15197:2013 industry standard for accuracy.

  ● Concentration of Sample Needed

With Contour Next test strips, the amount of blood needed is merely 0.6 microliters (µl). This amount of blood sample is far less than that needed with other test strips. 

  ● Rapidity of Results

These strips are efficient enough to give results of the blood glucose concentration within seconds.

  ● Immunity against Interfering Substances

As a blood sample contains multiple types of biochemical agents including cholesterol, hemoglobin, drug substances, etc., the measurement as well as the results obtained from Contour Next test strips are not altered by them.

  ● Compatibility

Contour Next test strips are compatible to be used with all types of blood glucose meters. Ideally, these strips should be used with the Contour Next blood glucose meter.

  ● Second-Chance Sampling

Multiple blood samples can be loaded on a single Contour Next test strip which renders them even more useful. This is particularly helpful when the initially loaded sample proves to be insufficient. Then, within 60 seconds, the patient can load more blood on the same strip. Moreover, the wastage of strips can also be avoided which in turn saves cost. 

  ● No Coding Technology

The Contour Next test strips are easy to use and are uncomplicated in their handling. Apart from this, the usage steps are lesser than those with other types of glucose test strips.

Glucose testing strips
Glucose testing strips

How do Contour Next Test Strips Work?

The Contour Next test strips are ideal to be used in patients with Type 2 diabetes who are not on insulin therapy. For the in vitro blood glucose monitoring, a Contour Next test strip is inserted into the glucose meter.

A fresh blood sample drawn from a capillary in the fingertips or palm is dropped onto the strip which sips it completely. The strip quantifies the glucose concentration and the reading is indicated on the LED display.

Why Contour Next Test Strips are Better Than Other Glucose Strips?

The Contour Next testing strips are considered superior to many other brands of glucose testing strips due to multiple reasons. These are inclusive of their accuracy, and ease of multiple usages, as well as their 3 times lesser cost than the other strips. The Contour testing strips are designed in a way that they can detect the patient’s glucose level efficiently despite the hindrances that may be present in the blood sample. This way, all the possible inaccuracies in the results are eliminated.

Why We Trust Contour Next Test Strips?

Many people have been using Contour Next test strips and have shown satisfaction. One such user has addressed the ways he/she has benefited from the product:


An anonymous patient has given a review on an online retailer website about the Contour Next test strips after a few months of use. Complete satisfaction has been shown by the user who suffers from diabetes and says that the best feature of these strips is their ability to be used more than once.

Moreover, the accuracy of the results was also appreciated. Furthermore, it was also mentioned that the Contour Next strips have saved the user a lot of money, as well as these, are far cheaper than other glucose monitoring strips available in the market.

A glucose testing strip inserted into a glucose measuring device
A glucose testing strip inserted into a glucose measuring device

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When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, the world seems to shrink for the patient as it is a common misconception that life, with diabetes, is going to be very complicated. However, this is not the case for those who adopt necessary lifestyle changes, stick to the prescribed medications, and maintain a record of their blood glucose level.

In this circle of diabetic patients, the Contour Next test strips are often given priority over other products due to their accuracy, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. These patients are often known to keep a stock of the Contour Next strips.

This leads us to purchase glucose test strips which can be done immediately by ordering them from Health Supply 770, a brand that ensures the provision of quality products along with satisfactory services. Our goal is to make patients happier by providing the best products at the most affordable prices. 


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