Choosing the Right HIV Home Test Kit: Features to Consider

hiv home test kit
hiv home test kit
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the year 2021, approximately 32,100 new patients were registered in the health sector who tested positive for HIV. These statistics are only a depiction of the HIV cases in the United States and the global estimates are much higher. For people who have been recently exposed to HIV by being in close connection with AIDS patients or people living with HIV (PLHIV), it is recommended to take a simple home-based HIV test. For this purpose, the FDA has approved an HIV home test kit. Let us learn more about the use of these kits and take a look at which brands are available in the US.

HIV self-testing kit
HIV self-testing kit

What is an HIV Home-Test Kit?

To date, the only FDA-approved HIV self-testing systems are based on oral fluid testing. An HIV home test or self-test kit is an antibody-based testing assembly that can either confirm or rule out the presence of HIV in a person by testing the oral swab sample. Due to being quick, the test is also referred to as a rapid self-test. These self-testing kits are available either online or at pharmacies all over the United States.

How Does an HIV Home-Test Kit Work?  

An HIV home-test kit works by detecting the presence of antibodies in the oral fluid sample. As soon as a microbe enters the body, the body, in response, starts producing antibodies. Similar antibodies are formed in case of an HIV infection as well. So, the testing system is designed to detect the presence of these antibodies.

How to Use an HIV Self-Test Kit?

A home-based HIV self-test is conducted in the following way:

● Open your HIV self-test kit which contains a swab and a testing system.

● Take the oral swab and rub the flat pad on your outer gums in order to collect an oral fluid sample. Swab both upper and lower gums once.

● Put the flat pad containing the sample into the bottom of the Developer Vial for testing and wait for 20 minutes.

● After 20 minutes, the test results are visible. Check the points ‘C’ and ‘T’ on the kit. If a single line appears against ‘C’ and no line can be seen against ‘T’, the result is negative. However, if two lines, either solid or faint, appear against both points ‘C’ and ‘T’, a positive result is indicated. To further confirm these findings, contact your healthcare provider to run more sensitive tests.

● In case of any confusion, contact the customer service center using the phone number given along with the testing kit.

What to Look for When Purchasing an HIV Test Kit?

The following parameters should be looked for while choosing an HIV test kit for personal use:

● An in-home HIV testing kit should be easily accessible i.e. it should be purchased from a nearby pharmacy or online.

● Primarily, the ease of usage of a test kit should be considered. The procedure should be easy enough for the user to understand and perform.

● The chosen HIV testing kit should be highly sensitive and accurate in its performance.

● Ideally, a home-based testing kit should give results within 15 to 30 minutes.

● The expiry date of the testing kits should be long enough to store them for a few months.

● Another key point is the affordability. An in-home testing kit should easily fit in everyone’s budget.

Samples for laboratory-based HIV testing
Samples for laboratory-based HIV testing

HIV Home Test Kit-Brands and Specifications

Among multiple brands that manufacture and market in-home HIV testing kits, the following is considered one of the best items:

OraQuick In-Home HIV Testing Kit

OraQuick in-home HIV testing kit possesses the following features:

● OraQuick In-Home HIV testing kit is a non-invasive HIV testing method that enables users to get accurate results from the comfort of their homes.

● To perform the test, one just has to take an oral swab which is then tested for the presence of antibodies. The results can be obtained within 20 minutes.

● In addition, the OraQuick testing kit is suitable for testing the presence of both HIV-1 as well as HIV-2 virus.

● Moreover, the OraQuick testing kit is the only testing kit that has secured approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

● When it comes to sensitivity, the OraQuick home-based HIV testing kit is 92% sensitive which makes it one of the most accurate testing kits in the market.

● Along with the necessary components needed to perform the test, this OraQuick in-home HIV testing kit also possesses a toll-free number which can give the user access to a customer support center if help is needed. Furthermore, access to consumer websites is also provided.

The oral swab is being taken by a patient for self-testing to confirm the presence of HIV
The oral swab is being taken by a patient for self-testing to confirm the presence of HIV

The OraQuick In-Home HIV testing kit mentioned in this article, along with many other medical supplies, can be purchased from Health Supply 770, a reliable name when it comes to medical products.

They have a 30-day money-back guarantee and provide your products to you in the shortest possible time. Click the link at the end of the article to check the OraQuick In-Home HIV testing kit on our website.


If one has a doubt about being infected with HIV, it is in their best interest to immediately take a diagnostic test to either confirm or rule out the presence of the virus in the body. Considering social hesitation regarding HIV and AIDS and the stigma which has been associated with the condition, people often do not want to take an HIV test in a healthcare setting.

This practice not only puts the patients in danger but also compromises the safety of those living close to them. By approving the OraQuick in-home HIV testing kit, the FDA has widened the way toward safer access to diagnosis and healthcare.

This leads us to purchase these home-based kits which can be ordered online from Health Supply 770. Purchasing medical devices from reliable vendors like Health Supply 770 ensures the provision of quality products along with satisfactory services.

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OraQuick In-Home HIV Testing Kit


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