No More Finger Pricks: The Revolutionary Freestyle Libre 3 Sensor

freestyle libre 3 sensor

Diabetes, despite being a single disease, comes with multiple associated health-related difficulties. A diabetic often faces problems with the numbness of the limbs, weight changes, slower wound healing, etc. One such issue is the struggle to check blood glucose levels (BGL) by using a needle-based device. The procedure requires frequent pricking of the fingertips to draw blood samples which can then be read by glucometer. As wound healing already takes more time in diabetics, these finger pricks become painful, and annoying, and can also get infected. But there is no need to worry anymore as Freestyle Libre 3 Sensor has already resolved this problem. It is an innovative product that has the potential to read a patient’s BGL for days with accuracy thus eliminating the need for regular pricking. Let us know more about the product.   

Freestyle Libre 3-sensor
Freestyle Libre 3-sensor

Freestyle Libre 3 Sensor: Characteristics Features and Advantages

A Freestyle Libre 3 sensor by Abbott possesses the following specifications:

● It’s a small, compact, lightweight continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that checks your BGL and displays it on your smartphone via the Freestyle Libre 3 app.

● If your blood sugar level is too high, the device can also set off an alarm to let you know. Moreover, these alarm systems can be set by the user manually as well.

● Being extremely thinner, the device does not cause discomfort while being worn on the back of the arm.

● As the Libre sensor works automatically and keeps taking BGL every minute after its initial 1-hour startup period, the need for using a conventional glucometer is eliminated.

● The product is also water-resistant which renders it safe to use while taking a shower.

● A Freestyle Libre 3 sensor works with great accuracy for a period of 14 days. During this period, the device does not even require finger-stick calibrations.

Freestyle Libre 3 app can not only display the per-minute value of the BGL but can also save past readings.

● Apart from their suitability for adults, Freestyle Libre 3 sensors are approved to be used on children as young as 4 years. Furthermore, people who are not diabetic can also use these devices to keep track of the day-to-day variations in their glucose levels.

Fingertip pricking while using a glucometer 
Fingertip pricking while using a glucometer 

How does a Freestyle Libre 3 Sensor Work?

A Freestyle Libre 3 sensor is equipped with a sensor that is able to quantify the level of glucose in the blood flowing beneath the skin. For its proper application, the given steps should be followed:

● As a Freestyle Libre 3 sensor is to be attached to the back of the patient’s upper arm, the area should be cleaned using soap and water followed by wiping with alcohol wipes and leaving it to dry.   

● The cap of the sensor applicator is unscrewed and placed on the arm. You might need to push lightly to let the device get attached to the skin.

● Once the sensor is placed, wait for the click for confirmation and then gently remove the applicator.

Now, open the Freestyle Libre 3 app on your smartphone, go to ‘Main Menu’, and tap ‘Scan New Sensor’. You need to touch the sensor with the iPhone (In the case of any other smartphone, hold the phone backward towards the sensor) until a vibration and a tone are heard which confirms that the sensor has started working. Now, the sensor will start sending BGL updates to your phone.

Why is the Freestyle Libre 3 sensor better Than Other Glucose Monitoring Options?

Previously, Abbott has launched Freestyle Libre 2 which was a little complicated to use as the sensor had to be scanned with the smartphone to get the data. Based on user reviews, this product was withdrawn from the US market and improved.

Now, the Libre 3 sensor automatically sends the data to the associated app if the patient forgets to scan. This feature has significantly improved the new device. Another major dominance is the prick-free BGL measurement which cannot be enjoyed with conventional glucometers.

Pricking injuries due to the use of needles
Pricking injuries due to the use of needles

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Diabetes is often termed as a condition that negatively impacts the patient’s life by restricting day-to-day activities. A patient needs to take BGL regularly and keep track of the changes which can be hard on a lot of people as the process is laborious, messy, and painful.

Freestyle Libre 3 sensor has solved this issue by providing the advantage of automatic BGL measurement without the need for finger pricking.

As soon as the device is attached to the patient’s arm, it starts working and sends data to the connected smartphone. This innovative technology has a huge impact on the patient’s quality of life.

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