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FreeStyle Libre 3 Sensor

Product Description:

FreeStyle Libre 3 Sensor

The FreeStyle Libre 3 System is the only CGM able to maintain accuracy over 14 days without needing fingerstick calibration or sensor coding and also gives your first reading just one hour after the sensor has been applied.

The sensor for the FreeStyle Libre System is small, discreet and water resistant. The sensor is worn on the back of the upper arm. The slim design of the FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor is thinner than two stacked pennies. The sensor can easily be scanned through clothing. After the 1 hour start-up period, the sensor can be worn for up to 14 days. The FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor automatically measures glucose every minute and doesn’t require finger-stick calibrations.

Real-time glucose readings are sent every minute to your smartphone and can be viewed with a quick glance.


ACCURATE – The most accurate 14-day Continuous Glucose Monitoring system to help reduce time spent in hypoglycemia and improve overall glucose control.

DISCREET – The world’s smallest, thinnest, and most discreet sensor—smaller than two stacked pennies.

EASY – Painless to apply and wear with a simple 1-piece applicator.

RELIABLE – Optional, real-time glucose alarms let you know the minute your glucose is too high or too low.